Our Background

Kasatria is the only Premium partner for Google based in Malaysia & Vietnam. Our team has the privilege of representing Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium), Google Tag Manager 360, Google Optimize 360 & Google Data Studio 360 with clients across many countries in Asia Pacific.

Adoption of digital marketing is driving the need for visibility across a unified customer’s path to purchase, so that engagements can be tailored based on intent, urgency & profile. As a world leader in data-driven marketing, Google solutions are pivotal components in your technology stack.

Marketing effectively begins by understanding your clients together with their challenges so that your brand can target the right audience, with the most appropriate solution, to win the highest level of consideration.

Our team can help guide you on the journey to make data work harder for you.


Looking for help with Google Analytics?

As Certified Google Analytics Consultants, we can help you identify whether Google Analytics Premium or Standard is the right fit for your organization. Then we can help you create your digital measurement strategy, customize your implementation, help you gain the insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts and provide training to you or your entire team.

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