People have come to expect a certain amount of contextual relevance with regard to search. In fact, new research shows that four in five U.S. smartphone users believe search ADs should be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. Location-based ADs can quickly satisfy consumers’ expectations by featuring a store’s address, directions to a nearby business and a phone number. By adopting a local strategy—one that takes people’s locations into consideration—businesses can provide consumers with the information they need to take action.

Local searches happen everywhere, on every device

We’ve all been in situations in which we needed to find something nearby. Interestingly, 84% of users surveyed used their computer, whereas 88% used their smartphones whilst conducting their search.

Local searches lead to action

Research suggests that within a day of a local search, 34% of consumers who sought local information on their computer or tablet made their way to a store, and of those who used a smartphone, the number is even higher at 50%.

Location-sensitive ADs helps you sell more

Today’s consumers are constantly connected; they’re using search engines to gain access to local information whether they’re at home, on the go or in-store. By optimizing budgets for location and providing information that is locally relevant, advertisers can deliver better experiences to people in the moments that matter.


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