How does a search engine decide whether or not to show my site?

As you embark on your online marketing journey, you will realize that you will not be able to run away from being found by search engines. Most search engines score your site based on a few criteria, namely through Relevance, References & Popularity. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually a best practice that takes into account how search engines score, in order to improve your site’s rank organically.

Scoring on Search Engines via Relevance

Relevance for a search engine ultimately refers to keywords that are used during a search activity. For example, entering “Cheap Flight to Tokyo” into a search engine will spawn all kinds of results.

When a page has the word “cheap”, “flight” or “Tokyo” in it, they will be assigned a score. If you have words that are related to the ecosystem of related words on a topic, it will be given extra points.

For elaborate further, this means that pages that contain words or phrases that are within the ecosystem of activities that are commonly associated with the search criteria such as Tokyo, Narita, Haneda, flight, travel, holiday, break, relax, business, the page rank will be scored higher.

This ultimately increases the likelihood of the Search Engine displaying your page as a possible search result.

Scoring on Search Engines via References

References are a term that most search engines use to simulate the real-world scenario of asking for a references to gauge whether or not a product is reliable, or if the service provided is of quality.

For example, if you had a toothache, and if you asked your mom if she knew any good dentists around, you would generally trust her words more than a commercial because your mother does not have any intention of making money out of you and because her opinions will reflect the truth out of her concern for your well-being.

When it comes to search engines, references are detected whenever there is a hyperlink back to your site, or what is commonly known as a backlink. The more links back to your site, the higher the score. The more popular those sites are, the higher the weightage of the reference.

Scoring on Search Engines via Popularity

The more visitors your site receives, the more popular they assume your website to be for a particular topic. This will influence the score they assign to your website.

Generating Results from the Search Engine

These results are crunched, scored and then ranked based on all the criteria above to generate a list of potential answers for you. They are then filtered by the availability of the results from a site within your geographical region, which are then broken down into a series of pages that could contain a list of millions of answers.

As you would have noted from now, most people don’t have the habit of going through more than the first few pages of results before they lose their attention and give up. So this is why it is important for you to rank well, or risk losing a significant amount of traffic to your website.


Metric Tip to improve online marketing results


If your site contains more keywords that revolve around the topic that is used by the visitor looking for something the higher your page rank becomes.
Make sure your site is built predominantly in HTML so that search engines can crawl it
Talk about problems your customers face, and how your solution can address those issues
Make it easy for them to be take action and become your customer now. Allow them to buy online, make a booking or arrange for an appointment online


The more links you have back to your website , the better your site ranking becomes.
List yourself on classifieds, forums and social networks to increase the number of hyperlinks linking back to your website.
Take the time to negotiate with friendly parties to crosslink amongst each other’s websites and get them to link back to you
Get press coverage and request that the editor include a link back to your website to maximize your coverage and increase awareness.
Encourage customers to blog or share their positive experience with your organization to increase awareness.


The more people visit your website, the better your page rank becomes. This results in a higher likelihood of your website appearing in search engine results.
When your solution has a competitive advantage such as being cheaper, better & faster, the likelihood of people visiting you will be higher.
Spending money on advertising to acquire online traffic helps to get more people to know about your brand online.
Running promotions or campaigns will incentivize your customers to consider your brand’s offering more strongly.

Is there a way I can improve my site’s ranking on my own?

If you are serious in improving your site’s page rank, the table above contains a few fundamental tips that you can implement quickly in order to get concrete results.


How to measure what is influencing my page rank’s performance?

As Google Analytics Partners, we are able to assist in planning & setting up the environment to track and measure your search engine marketing activities and relating it back to actual business results.

Getting basic insights from your search engine marketing tool is useful, but when combined with the information from your brand’s online marketing activities, they offer a clearer picture of how well your business is doing.

Let us help you identify how you can improve your Return on Investment (ROI) and accelerate your business.

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