In the past few months, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the most successful cosmetic brands in Malaysia. One of the common issues faced by our client was the fact they send out email newsletters to a pool of customers every month. The results however were lackluster and not particularly encouraging.

They came to Kasatria and asked us if there was anything that we could do to improve their email marketing results.

- Client from the Beauty & Health Industry -

Tracking Email Marketing Effectiveness

Our team began this initiative by setting up Google Analytics to track their email campaigns to identify reach, clicks, clickthrough rate, conversion rate and e-commerce purchase value for each email sent out.

Identify what worked and what went wrong

We then looked abit deeper to understand what were the client’s original objectives and what has already been done that lead to a particular result. We then classified them into risks and opportunities.

Target Customers with issues you can solve

A key recommendation made was to identify the issues faced by their clients that could be solved by their products and start sending customers with personalized emails rather than sending out a generic email to everyone.

Share the solution and incentivize them to try

We suggested that the email newsletter should highlight issues faced by the client and also the solution to clearly articulate that as a brand, you understand their problem and know what can be done to address it.

Analyze and Optimize Future Campaigns

Once this paradigm and train of thought was formalized, we observed that results started improving across the board as data was used more and more in day-to-day activities to assess scenarios and decisions.


How can I increase my website's performance

As Google Analytics Partners, we are able to assist in planning & setting up the environment to track and measure your website’s marketing activities and relating it back to actual business results.

Getting basic insights from your online existing team is useful, but when combined with the information from your brand’s online marketing activities, they offer a clearer picture of how well your business is doing.

Let us help you identify how you can improve your Return on Investment (ROI) and accelerate your business.

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