Learn about the five key areas to keep in mind when managing your AdWords account. Find out how an organized account structure, relevant keywords and ADs, effective landing pages and results tracking can help you get the most out of your marketing.

Structure your AdWords Account

Take the time to structure your ADs based on categories & themes. After that, you can then associate these themes to keywords that are related to those topics.

Choose the right keywords

You can use Google’s keyword tool to recommend related keywords and also provide a gauge on the popularity of the keywords in order to establish a baseline on the potential audience for your ADs

Write attention grabbing ADs

Copywriting is important. Always keep in mind that your AD needs to reflect what your potential customer is looking for. It is important to give consumers a small taste of what you have to offer

Select the right landing pages

The page that the client lands on after they click you AD will play an important role in deciding how successful your online AD campaign will be. Try your best to make sure that clients are redirected to a page that is contextually relevant to the AD the saw, and make it simple for client’s to proceed

Track who became your customers

Use Google Analytics to identify how well your ADs are performing. Take special note of visits from AdWords, keywords that drive traffic and the bounce rate & conversion rates of landing pages so that you can assess opportunities for improvement


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