Start with the Big Picture when considering Google Analytics

Before embarking on your Google Analytics journey, it is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and take into account how this aligns to the vision and goals of the organization. This gives your team a better idea on how to proceed towards assessing the risks and opportunities involved throughout this initiative.

Google Analytics Goals

Your Google Analytics strategy is based on the goals you want to achieve with your online properties. Your goals determine the data you need to track and the collected data can then guide you to make informed decisions that will help you achieve those goals.

Google Analytics Stakeholders

When implementing Google Analytics within an organization, make sure to identify all the online properties that could benefit from Google Analytics and the various stakeholders that play key roles. Setup an internal team to champion your Google Analytics strategy which incorporates the various stakeholders via Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Google Analytics Vision

Remember, your Google Analytics strategy is a vision of what you want to achieve and how you can get there by harnessing your data to deliver valuable insights.

How can you benefit from this service?

We work together with you to engage with management and review how your organization can benefit from Google Analytics. Together, we formulate a productive Google Analytics strategy that will complement your organization’s overall online strategy.


How can I increase my website’s performance?

As Google Analytics Partners, we are able to assist in planning & setting up the environment to track and measure your website’s marketing activities and relating it back to actual business results.

Getting basic insights from your online existing team is useful, but when combined with the information from your brand’s online marketing activities, they offer a clearer picture of how well your business is doing. Let us help you identify how you can improve your Return on Investment (ROI) and accelerate your business.

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