A lifelong journey of continuous improvement

To improve your site, you need to know which elements of the site are working and which are not. You need to examine site speed performance and how your visitors are using the site. Armed with this information, you can adjust your site for improved performance.

Event Tracking

How do visitors actually interact with your pages? Use Event Tracking to measure activities like downloads, video plays, mobile AD clicks, gadgets, Flash elements, and AJAX embedded elements.

Alerts and Intelligence Events

Google Analytics monitors your website's traffic to detect significant statistical variations, then generates alerts called Intelligence Events when they occur. A closer look will bring you insights you might have missed.

In-Page Analytics

Use In-Page Analytics to see how users really interact with your pages. To make analysis easier, Google Analytics includes a variety of charts to display information just as you want to see it.

Site Search

When visitors can’t find what they want on your site, they search. Site Search reporting in Google Analytics helps you see what your visitors are really looking for and speed up time to conversion.

Site-Speed Analysis

A slow-loading website is more than a frustration: it can hurt your AD sales and search rank. The Site Speed report shows you load times across your site, so you can fix slow pages and make your visitors happier.


Who would benefit from these features?

Sales & user experience designers can use event tracking and in-page analytics to know how the site or mobile application is being used, so that they can improve site usability & user experience. Business users would use alerts to be notified on key events and metrics. Sales & marketing can use Site Search to know better what users are looking for on your site. Developers would use site-speed analysis to improve site performance for better user experience.

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