Definition of Online Classifieds platforms

An online classifieds is a platform for users to advertise goods & services available and to connect them to other users looking to purchase those goods & services. The goods are not offered by the business owner, who just guides the transaction taking place between seller and buyer so that it goes smoothly. Examples of such sites include iProperty, Yellow Pages or here in Malaysia.

Business Insights for Online Classifieds

Here are three common concerns of your Online Classifieds platform that you should be examining to derive business insights.

Classifieds Reach & Conversion

Analyse classifieds reach & conversion against category, section, placement, user type, location and price range. Use the data to help you decide on marketing priorities, performing sections and valuable users.

Traffic Source Performance & Value

Analyse traffic source performance in terms of visitors, bounce rate, retention, engagement, conversion and loyalty. Use the data to determine valuable traffic sources and where to focus marketing efforts on.

Total User Value

Analyse user value in terms of attracting traffic: Number of visitors attracted via the user’s classifieds and conversion rate into registered users. Use the data to determine valuable users for customer care & rewards.


Who can benefit from Google Analytics?

All types of online classifieds can benefit from Google Analytics, including general classifieds, jobs classifieds, property classifieds, 2nd hand vehicle classifieds, personals classifieds, local classifieds, services classifieds, hobby classifieds, mobile classifieds, mobile location-based services, etc…

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