Automating day-to-day tasks

You want your analytics solution to be comprehensive but not bothersome. Powerful but easy to use. Google Analytics can be setup to automate your day-to-day tasks so that your daily operations becomes easier. Google Analytics provides a wealth of tools that allow your administrators to configure and developers to automate, so that business users can focus on analyzing data.

User Permissions

User Permissions let you choose the right levels of access for different users of your Google Analytics account. Let some people manage your entire account, while others can simply view and analyse.


Filters help you limit and modify the traffic data that appears in any given report view. Want to exclude traffic from certain domains or focus on particular types of traffic? Filters make it easy.

Cross-Domain Tracking

Cross-Domain Tracking lets you track data from multiple domains as a single analytics property. This can include subdomains, multiple top-level domains, microsites and IFrame content.

Application Programming Interface (API)

It's your data — why not format it the way you want? Applications, plugins, and other customizable features will help you integrate Google Analytics into your team's existing workflows, apps & 3rd party solutions.


Who would benefit from these features?

Administrators would love the easy to use configuration system to setup user permissions, property setting & view filters. Developers would love the options available to deal with thorny issues like cross-domain tracking and automating tasks via the Google Analytics API.

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