Definition of Media & Entertainment platforms

A media & entertainment portal offers online content that are consumed by visitors in the form of news, articles, audio, video, images or games. This content can be self-branded or sourced from providers. Examples of such sites include Astro On The Go, The Star Online or Celcom Escape here in Malaysia.

Business Insights for Media & Entertainment

Here are three common concerns of your Media & Entertainment platform that you should be studying to derive actionable insights that contribute to the bottom line.

Content Performance & Revenue

Analyse content performance in terms of attracting visitors, engagement, registration, subscription, revenue and loyalty. Use the data to decide on your content: what to keep, what to remove & what to promote.

Promotion & Campaign Performance

Analyse campaign performance in terms of visits, bounce rate, conversion, sales, revenue and cost. Use the data to measure the true effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of your promotional campaigns.

Traffic Source Performance & Value

Analyse traffic source performance in terms of visitors, bounce rate, retention, engagement, conversion and loyalty. Use the data to determine valuable traffic sources and where to focus marketing efforts on.


Who can benefit from Google Analytics?

All types of media & entertainment portals can benefit from Google Analytics, including news portals, entertainment magazines & blogs, discussions & forums, technology blogs, video on-demand services, online TV, online games, mobile games, mobile magazines, mobile portals, etc…

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