Definition of Software-as-a-Service platforms

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business offers online services that can be performed by users on their site or mobile app. These services often automate a previously manual process or task. The services may be offered for free, “freemium” or to paid users only. Examples of such sites include online sales management such as, Online accounting suites from Oracle or even Online customer service sites from Celcom or DiGi.

Business Insights for Software-as-a-Service

Here are three common areas of interest in your Software-as-a-Service platform that you should be looking at to derive business insights.

Registration & Subscriber Conversion

Analyse user progress and abandonment rates at every step along your registration & subscription process. Use the data to eliminate friction, improve user experience and increase conversion rate to drive adoption.

User Engagement

Analyse user engagement in terms of service used, time spent, usage level, repeat visits and days since last visit. Use the data to decide on services to focus on, phase out and which may require updates.

Service Usage Funnel & Abandonment Rate

Analyse user progress and abandonment rates at every step along your service usage workflow. Use the data to improve user experience and workflow completion rate to retain satisfied users.


Who can benefit from Google Analytics?

All types of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms can benefit from Google Analytics, including online sales management, online accounting, online customer service, online document management, online workflow services, online asset management, online project management, cloud ERP, cloud CRM, cloud BPM, etc…

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