Areas of Interest Key lessons

Basic Tagging for Website

The legacy method
Standard Google Analytics tag
The new upgraded method
Universal Analytics tag
The configurable method
Google Tag Manager for Web

Basic Tagging for Mobile Applications

For Android applications
Google Analytics Android SDK
For iOS applications
Google Analytics iOS SDK
The configurable method
Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps
For other mobile apps or offline apps
Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Advanced Topics

How to handle multiple domains?
Cross-Domain & Multiple Top-Level Domains
How to measure online sales?
Ecommerce Tracking
How to measure in-page interaction, Javascript, AJAX, Flash, etc…?
Event Tracking
How to measure metrics & dimensions specific to my site or app?
Custom variables, dimensions & metrics
How to measure campaign performance?
Display advertising & remarketing
What’s new with Universal Analytics?
Universal Analytics upgrade plans & moving forward

Course Summary

Discover what Google Analytics can do for your organization. An introduction to analytics in general and to Google Analytics specifically.

Target Audience

Everyone who is new to analytics in general or to Google Analytics specifically.

Course Duration

Half-day or Full-day


How can I apply this training to my job?

You can apply what you have learned from this training to help you implement, test & deploy Google Analytics in your software projects from websites to mobile applications. Learn how to look out for the advanced issues that may crop out during implementation and how to tackle them in your software code.

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