Areas of Interest Key lessons

Google Analytics Account Administration

How to manage users?
User management & permissions
How to manage properties?
Accounts, web properties & views
How to manage settings?
Account settings, web property settings & view settings
How to manage goals?
Goals & filters

Google Analytics Custom Assets

How can I customize reporting?
Custom Reports & Dashboards
How can I customize segments?
Custom Segments
How can I customize emails?
Alerts & Scheduled Emails
How can I customize traffic channels?
Channel Groupings
How can I customize attribution?
Attribution Models
How can I customize collaboration?
Annotations & Shortcuts

Google Tag Manager Administration

How to manage overall configuration?
Containers & Users
How to configure for each property?
Tags, Rules & Macros
How to manage testing & deployment?
Versions, Debug & Publishing

Google Analytics Management API

What can I automate for configuration tasks?
Google Analytics Configuration API
What can I automate for reporting tasks?
Google Analytics Reporting API

Course Summary

Learn how to setup, configure, manage and administrate your Google Analytics account. Discover strategies you can implement to ease and automate management of accounts for multiple stakeholders.

Target Audience

IT personnel who are involved in managing and administering Google Analytics accounts within your organization.

Course Duration



How can I apply this training to my job?

You can apply what you have learned from this training to help you manage & administer your Google Analytics account to assist the various requests you may receive from your business users. Learn how to setup and configure your Google Analytics account for different requirements and how to support your business users to overcome common problems encountered.

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