Ecosystem of Google Products integrated with Google Analytics

The wonderful thing about Google Analytics is that it is a vital part of the Google ecosystem and can be integrated with various Google products. Since Google products are so widely used throughout the Internet, this allows Google Analytics to tap into a wealth of existing data & information. In most cases, you just need to activate a few simple settings to integrate Google Analytics with other Google products to gain access to available data.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that lets you add or update Google Analytics tags on your websites and mobile applications without bugging the IT developers. Configure your tags from one powerful interface.

Google Webmaster

Integrate Google Webmaster to Google Analytics to find out your Google Search ranking, impressions and click through rate. Utilize the information to drive your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Google Analytics can import your AdWords data seamlessly, bringing you crucial information about what visitors do after they've clicked on your AD. Find out the true value of your campaign traffic.


AdSense gives content publishers a way to earn money with relevant ADs placed on their websites. Google Analytics can import AdSense data to help you display your ADs in the best possible position on your site.

Google Display Network

Google Analytics integration with the Google Display Network (GDN) means you can use AdWords to manage campaigns and link your accounts to see your GDN campaign data within Google Analytics.

Google Play

You can link your Android App on Google Play to Google Analytics to see the Google Play Referral Flow Report that shows how users are finding your app on Google Play, how many installed and then launched.


Wildfire by Google lets you easily publish social content (such as pages and posts) and measure the engagement, leads, web visits and revenues driven by your social marketing.


Who would benefit from these features?

All businesses that utilizes or comes into contact with other Google products used online, which basically means (almost) everyone. These Google products contain existing data covering multiple fronts including search, advertising, mobile & social. Integration with Google Analytics lets you tap into that available information and becomes a contributing member of your integrated solution.

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