Areas of Interest Key lessons

Basic User Interface

How to navigate?
Navigation & Menus
How to use reporting tables?
Reports & Tables
How to use visual aids?
Graphs & Charts
How to extract information?
Email & Export

Basic Definitions

What are the terms used?
What are the measurements provided?
What can I factor the measurements against?

Standard Reporting

Who are my users?
How do my users arrive?
What do my users do?
Does user activity translate into results?

Advanced User Interface

How can I search for specific data?
Advanced Search
How can I factor in more considerations?
Primary & Secondary Dimensions
How can I manage large amounts of data?
Sorting & Filtering
How can I organize data presentation?
Metric Groups
How can I share the results of my analysis?
Sharing & Collaboration

Advanced Reporting

How can I examine typical visitor behaviour across my site?
Visitor Flows
How can I examine typical visitor behaviour on specific pages?
In-Page Analytics
How can I examine my conversion of visitors into results?
Goals & Funnels
How can I examine my sales & revenue?
How can I examine my advertising campaign performance?
AdWords & Campaign Reports
How can I evaluate my advertising campaign contributions towards my revenue?
Attribution Models
How can I improve my traffic from search engines?
Search Engine Optimization

Custom Reporting

How can I customize reporting?
Custom Reports & Dashboards
How can I customize alerts?
Custom Reports & Dashboards
How can I customize audience segmentation?
Segments: Standard & Custom
How can customize traffic channels?
Channels: Standard & Custom

Tips & Insights

What should I look out for?
Deriving insights from Google Analytics reports
What are key indicators?
Key metrics & dimensions
Key metrics & dimensions
Quick performance review & diagnosis
What should I examine in-depth?
Deep-dive analysis with Google Analytics

Course Summary

Learn how to use Google Analytics for your day-to-day reporting and analysis through product training and guidance. For power users, find out more on advanced features and analysis tips.

Target Audience

Business users and analysts utilizing Google Analytics for reporting and analysis within your organization.

Course Duration

Full-day (for basic). Two-days (for advanced)


How can I apply this training to my job?

You can apply what you have learned from this training to help you plan your goals, prepare requirements, participate in discussions, figure out how to use Google Analytics and apply Google Analytics to assist you in your job.

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