Definition of E-Commerce platforms

An ecommerce business sells goods & services online. These can be real or virtual goods and the items can be self-branded or sourced from suppliers. Examples of such sites include Air Asia, The Body Shop, Groupon or Zalora here in Malaysia.

Business Insights for E-commerce

Here are three common concerns of your E-Commerce platform that you should be taking a look at to derive business insights that can be used to boost your results.

Product Performance & Revenue

Product Performance & Revenue Analyse product performance in terms of attracting visitors, engagement, conversion, revenue and repeat sales. Use the data to make decisions on your product catalogue: what to stock, what to remove & what to promote.

Promotion & Campaign Performance

Analyse campaign performance in terms of visits, bounce rate, conversion, sales, revenue and cost. Use the data to measure the true effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of your promotional campaigns.

Shopping Cart & Checkout Conversion

Analyse customer progress and abandonment rates at every step along your shopping cart journey. Use the data to eliminate friction, improve user experience and increase checkout conversion rate for more sales.


Who can benefit from Google Analytics?

All types of ecommerce business can benefit from Google Analytics, including online retail stores, online shopping malls, online ticketing, beauty & healthcare, fashion & clothing, food & beverage, fresh grocery, toys & collectibles, books, games & entertainment, group selling, coupons & vouchers, virtual goods, mobile shopping, etc…

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