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Every site has a goal and you need to measure if and how you are achieving your objectives in order to improve. If you are selling online, you need to monitor your sales. Otherwise, you need to measure your goal conversion.


Measure your sales, downloads, video plays, conversions... or define your own business goals. Tailor your reporting to suit what you want to achieve and find the visitor actions most likely to help you meet your objectives.

Goal Flow

See why visitors love your site… or don’t. Visitor conversion paths show you where they enter, where they get stuck, and where they leave. Learn where adjustments are needed to your site navigation and your marketing plan.

Ecommerce Reporting

Use Ecommerce reporting to identify your best-selling products and most powerful promotions. See what customers buy, understand shopper behaviour, and adjust your shopping cart to build loyalty and sales.

Data-Driven Attribution

Sophisticated modelling assigns values to marketing touch points across the customer journey revealing a complete and actionable view of which digital channels and keywords are performing best.

Attribution Model Comparison Tool

Give the right amount of credit to different digital marketing channels, referral sources, campaigns, and keywords that affect your sales or conversions — then use what you learn to improve your marketing.

Multi Channel Funnels

Don't just measure the last click before a sale. Multi-Channel Funnels shows you the impact of all your digital marketing activities: search, display, social, affiliates, email, and more.


Who would benefit from these features?

Management would need to determine the goals and measure it constantly to know whether the goals are being achieved. User experience designers will use the goal flow to improve goal conversion and user retention. Sales & marketing would use ecommerce reporting to understand online sales performance while product buyers & inventory managers would like to know which products are performing. Digital marketing & media planners need to know which campaigns and advertisements are working based on the attribution model and multi-channel funnels. All this are examined to based on your goals & goal conversion.

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